Established in 2014, Aelita Rhythmic Gymnastics Club has been focused on providing all participants with the opportunity to get a taste of Rhythmic gymnastics develop new skills and gain useful experience in the field of performing.

We offer stretching, fitness, and rhythmic gymnastics classes for girls aged 3.5 and above.

Beginner class: (3.5-5 y.o) Simple exercises and fun games introducing your child to the fundamentals of body movement and dance within the sport, such as use of rope, ball, ribbons, hoops and participation in display performances.

Development class: (6-8 y.o For Level 1,2 gymnasts) Body work classes which incorporate stretching, balletic fitness and foundations of rhythmic gymnastics, with opportunities to perform at State Foundation events and Club Display days.

Junior class: (For Level 3 and 4 gymnasts who are more experienced) Gymnasts will participate at official events and State competitions. Classes will offer more advanced skills and focus on routine preparation.

Senior class: (For advanced gymnasts in level 5 and above) These girls will have the opportunity to perform at State, National and International competitions as well as on Display days. Some of our senior gymnasts have had exceptional results at interstate and national competitions, earning medals, as well as travelled overseas,

The training sessions are held at two locations with free parking available:

~Westbourne Park Community Centre (418 Goodwood road, Cumberland Park)

~Marion Leisure & Fitness Centre (Oaklands Rd, Morphettville SA 5043)

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