Awards & Achievements Year 2016

Elizabeth Inaba-Hill received National and State award “The Level Gymnasts of the year 2015”

National Championships 2016

Yaroslava (Level 9) 1st overall, 1st in Hoop and Clubs, 2nd Ball and Rope, Gold in SA Team

Mae-Shuen (Level 7) 3rd overall, 1st in Rope, 3rd in Clubs, Gold in Team

Elizabeth (Senior) 7th overall

Anita (Level 8 Junior) 6th in Clubs, Bronze in Team

State Championships 2016

Elizabeth (Senior) 1st overall, 1st in Clubs

Yaroslava (Level 9) 1st overall, 1st in Rope and Clubs, 2nd in Hoop

Anita (Level 8 Junior) 1st overall, 1st in all 4 apparatus (Rope, Hoop, Ball and Clubs)

Sophia V (Level 7 Junior) 2nd overall and 2nd in all 4 apparatus (Rope, Hoop, Clubs and Ribbon)

Mae-Shuen (Level 7) 1st overall, 1st in Rope, 2nd in Clubs

Sophia S (Level 7) 5th in Clubs, 6th in Rope

Annabelle (Level 5) 1st overall

Sasha E (Level 5) 2nd overall

Abigail G (Level 4 Senior) 1st overall

Ava (Level 4 Senior) 3rd overall

Vika (Level 4 Junior) 3rd overall

Tanya N (Level 4 Junior) 4th overall

Sage (Level 3 Junior) 1st overall

Kseniya (Level 3 Junior) 5th overall

Sophia J (Level 3 Junior) 6th overall

Level 4 Senior Gold team 2016 (Abigail G, Aleksandra M, Alisa, Ava, Cynthia)

Level 3 Junior Gold team 2016 (Abigail F, Kseniya, Sage, Samantha, Sophia J)

Challenge Competition 2016

Amina (Level 3 Senior) 2nd in Rope, 4th in Freehand and Hoop

Sofiya L (Level 3 Senior) 1st in Ribbon, 4th in Rope, 6th in Hoop

Samantha (Level 3 Junior) 6th in Ribbon

Cynthia (Level 4 Senior) 2nd in Hoop

Alisa (Level 4 Senior) 3rd in Rope, 6th in Ribbon

State Multiples Championships 2016

Category 1 (5-6 years) Freehand Group 1st place (Christina, Kristina, Lilly, Polina, Yanina)

Category 2 Freehand Group (7-8 years) 3rd place (Dasha, Evie, Kate, Katia, Milla)

Category 1 Pair (Nastya and Vika) 5th place

Category 2 Pair (Annabelle and Sasha E) 2nd place, (Anita, Sophia V) 4thplace

Category 1 Trio (Abigail F, Marsha, Samantha) 4thplace

Category 2 Trio (Abigail G, Ava, Sophia S) 1st place

Category 1 Group (Amina, Kseniya, Sage, Sophia J) 2nd place

Category 2 Group (Alisa, Cynthia, Sasha T, Sosha) 4thplace